Obitus Vitae

Album: Olfacit Mortis (2013)

Song: Olfacit Mortis

Bitrate: 320kbps

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Release Date: December 4, 2013

Limited Edition: 100

Obitus Vitae is a Black Metal one-man-band formed in Málaga (Spain) by the Brazilian musician Armando Luiz(Guitars & Backing Vocals in Black Metal band Servi Diaboli) in the year 2012. Thematically, the music and Latin lyrics are suffused with the occult, misanthropy and necromancy. The debut full-length of 'Olfacit Mortis' incorporates ambient, doom and traditional black metal elements to create a Black Metal opus.
Obitus Vitae's influences include the likes of Amen Corner, Bethlehem, Rotting Christ, Dark Fortress and more.
In 2012, OBITUS VITAE recorded four songs for the 5-way split 'Journey to the End' (Personal Holocaust, Beyond Life, Triebtat, Werther and Obitus Vitae) which was released March 13 2013 via the label Bleichmond Tonschmiede.